Lih-Yuan Lin PH. D.
(Cornell University, 1987)


Research interests

Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Toxicology The major interest of our laboratory is to investigate the action of heavy metals (i.e., cadmium, zinc) on the cellular metabolisms, gene expressions and transcriptional regulations. We use metallothionein, a small molecular weight, cysteine rich, metal binding protein, as the target to monitor the responses occurred when heavy metals on the regulation of metallothionein gene expression is currently under investigation. Our laboratory is also interested in studying the structureal-functional relationship of a brain specific metallothionein isoform, MTIII. Unlike other metallothionein families, which are mainly involved in metal detoxification, MTIII reveals a specific neuron growth inhibitory effect. We cloned the MTIII cDNA from porcine brain and produced the protein in yeast. Using the synthesized MTIII, we are currently investigating its effect by primary neuronal culture. We are going to change certain amino acid residues by sitedirected mutagenesis and study the amino acids involved in the unique function of MTIII.

Representative Publications

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