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Welcome to BioTech's free online science dictionary! This illustrated glossary, developed by our staff members and contributors, contains over 6300 life science terms. Because this resource is still very much under construction, most of our terms are associated with biochemistry, biotechnology, botany, cellular biology and genetics, but the dictionary also contains chemistry, ecology, medicine, pharmacology and toxicology terms. We will be increasing our offerings in those latter categories over the course of 1997. Feel free to send us new word suggestions.

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Find terms that contain this word/letter/fragment (e.g., if you want to find all the different types of cells we have listed, type in cyte)
Find terms that begin with this letter/fragment (e.g., if you wanted to find all the words that begin with the letter B, type in b)

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Use this function to find terms which contain the entered word in their definitions (e.g., if you want to find all the terms that have to do with electrophoresis, type in electrophoresis)

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HINTS: Don't use hyphens or quotation marks. It's best to always search using lowercase U.S. English spellings, and it's good to search with word fragments instead of entire words (e.g., search for "leukocyte" using "leuk" or "cyte") to avoid missing an entry.

If you type in more than one keyword (such as "nucleic acid"), you will receive only entries that have both "nucleic" and "acid" in their titles (so you might want to run the words in a multiword term separately). If you're uncertain of a spelling, run a word fragment (e.g., if you don't know if it's spelled "murine" or "murean," just query with "mur.")

Please also note that you should search for the singular version of a word instead of the plural (i.e., look for "triglyceride" as opposed to "triglycerides").

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