Search the OWL Database

The OWL database is a non-redundant protein sequence database produced from the following source databases:

The Web version derived from OWL has hot links to the following Databases:

Many of which have links among themselves and to other databases.

No two sequences in this database are exactly the same and no two sequences show only `trivial' differences (see the first reference for the definition of triviality.)


You may search this database using booleans (and, or, not), nested booleans, wildcards (*), and phrase searches (" ").

For Example: A search for -

kinase and 3d

will pull out all the kinases whose 3d structure is known.

A search for -

kinase and 3d not mouse

will pull out all the kinases whose 3d structure is known from all organisms except the mouse.

Experimental: If you're feeling a bit more ambitious you can also do nested booleans - just use parenthesis to define the different parts of your search:

kinase and (serine or tyrosine) not threonine


Bleasby, A.J. and Wootton, J.C. (1990) Prot. Engng. 3(3):153-9

Note: Some of these database entries contain images - if you have a very slow connection to the internet (like working over a phone line with SLIP or PPP), you might want to turn your Display Inline Images option off.

Dan Jacobson