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This free resource was developed by our staff members and contributors and is still very much under construction. Currently, most of our 6700+ terms deal with biochemistry, biotechnology, botany, cell biology and genetics. We also have some terms relating to ecology, pharmacology, toxicology and medicine.

 We are adding new terms as quickly as our funding permits. Feel free to send us word suggestions or other comments.

  • The Contains this method finds all terms that contain the entered word, letter or fragment (e.g., if you wanted to get a list of all our cell type terms, you'd enter "cyte"). 
  • The Begins with search lets you browse terms that start with a specific letter or prefix. 
    • If you seek a basic single-word term such as "gene" or "protein", the Begins with search will result in a much shorter list of terms to scroll through, but occasionally you may miss the term you want.
  • The Definitions Search lets you get a list of terms related to a specific subject or technique (e.g., to find all our terms dealing with evolution, type in "evolution"). 
  • Searches are case-insensitive. 
  • If you type in more than one word (such as "nucleic acid"), you will receive only entries that have both "nucleic" and "acid" in their titles (so you might want to run the words in a multiword term separately). 
  • Words will be listed alphabetically, with capitalized words grouped first. 
  • Search with U.S. English spellings. 
    • Don't use hyphens or quotation marks. 
    • Use the singular versions of words (e.g., look for "triglyceride" instead of "triglycerides"). 
    • To avoid missing entries, search with word fragments instead of entire words, especially if you're uncertain of a spelling (e.g., if you don't know if it's spelled "murine" or "murean," just query with "mur.")

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