Shirley Lee, a student in department of Life Sciences, was

                bitten by a snake in the backyard of life science building.

              She was so angry! Thus, she killed the snake and purified

               several toxins from its venoms. She sequenced one of the

               toxin, got this sequence:

                          1  L K C N K L V P L F Y K T C P A G K N I C Y K M F M V A T P

                 31  K L P V K R G C I D V C P K S S L L V R Y V C C N T D K C N

                        (1) Is this a new toxin? Please help him to identify this toxin.

                 ANSWER:this is not a new toxin.


             (2) Can you find proteins that share sequence homology with

                 this toxin?  Show them in multiple alignment form.


 NPHS.gif (16305 bytes)

            (3) Please predict its secondary structure.

                  ANSWER: secondary structure

            (4) Please show its charge distribution.

                 ANSWER: charge distribution