Chiao lab meeting schedule

LSII-626, 3:30 pm, Friday

Summer break

09/14/2018   子新       Summer progress report (Université de Caen)

維屏       Summer progress report (Marine Biological Laboratory)

09/21/2018   No lab meeting (中秋節前夕)

09/28/2018   睿達       Summer progress report

                    喬原       Summer progress report

10/05/2018   品媛       Summer progress report

                    張勻       Summer progress report

                    馨瑩       Summer progress report

                    芳良       Summer progress report

10/12/2018   No lab meeting (CC gives a talk in CMU)

10/19/2018   漢邦       Summer progress report

                    力雅       Summer progress report

                    柏澤       Summer progress report

10/26/2018   No lab meeting (CC attends a conference in NTHU)

11/02/2018    子新       Numerical ordering of zero in honey bees

11/09/2018    維屏       Receptive field center-surround interactions mediate context-dependent spatial contrast encoding in the retina

11/16/2018    No lab meeting (CC attends a meeting in NTHU)

11/23/2018    柏澤       Causal evidence for retina-dependent and -independent visual motion computations in mouse cortex

                    喬原       Progress report

                    品媛       Progress report

11/30/2018    Gustavo Sanchez TALK

喬原       Reactivation of Dormant Relay Pathways in Injured Spinal Cord by KCC2 Manipulations

12/07/2018   品媛       IGFBPL1 Regulates Axon Growth through IGF-1-mediated Signaling Cascades

                    維屏       Progress report

                    睿達       Progress report                

12/14/2018   睿達       Light Affects Mood and Learning through Distinct Retina-Brain Pathways

柏澤       Progress report                

                    俊賢       TALK

12/21/2018   張勻       Delayed Gratification: A Grey Parrot (Psittacus erithacus) Will Wait for a Better Reward

                    芳良       Progress report

12/28/2018   芳良       Temporal structure in spiking patterns of ganglion cells defines perceptual thresholds in rodents with subretinal prosthesis

                    漢邦       Progress report

01/04/2018   漢邦       On the Crucial Cerebellar Wound Healing-Related Pathways and Their Cross-Talks after Traumatic Brain Injury in Danio rerio

                    子新       Progress report

01/11/2019    力雅       Orderliness of Visual Stimulus Motion Mediates Sensorimotor Coordination

                    力雅       Progress report

Winter break