10-6 林宜廷



Egloff et al., The severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus replicative protein nsp9 is a single-stranded RNA-binding subunit unique in the RNA virus world. PNAS 101:3792

Bertet et al., Myosin-dependent junction remodelling controls planar cell intercalation and axis elongation. Nature 429:667

10-13 陳依文   


CD8+ T cell contraction is controlled by early inflammation  NATURE IMMUNOLOGY  5 :809

The endothelial-cell-derived secreted factor Egfl7 regulates vascular tube formation  NATURE  428:754

10-20 孫敏瑜


Rb inactivation promotes genomic instability by uncoupling cell cycle progression from mitotic control." Nature VOL 430, 12 August, 2004

DNA-Templated Organic Synthesis and Selection of a Library of Macrocycles  2004  SCIENCE 305: 1601

10-27 連 偉


11-3 朱淑芬


11-10 施尚龍


11-17 顏企男

喻   韜

11-24 鄭基宏  




1. Please e-mail your presentation materials (= powerpoint file) to me 2 days (= Monday 1:00 pm) before your   talk.

2. Please e-mail your Chinese Abstract and the paper (in pdf file) to everyone attending the class one week before your talk.

3. Please choose a journal from Nature series, Science, PNAS, Cell or equivalent.  If you are not sure, ask me first.  The publication date must be within 6 months from now (= since March, 2004)

Please choose the topic you are familiar with and give more background introduction. 

4. The time for you presentation + discussion < 60 min.  You will not have a second chance if you failed to do so.

5. It is OK if you want to switch your slot with others.

6. English presentation is encouraged. 

7. Grading:   60% presentation;  10% Chinese abstract; 30% participation in discussion.

8. You must appear in the class.  If you can not come, you must show me that you have  the permission from your research advisor.

Contact me  should you have any question.