Amazing Grace


When Shirley (my wife) brought me a brand new copy of Road to Daybreak of Henri J.M. Nouwen, I was so amazed that I almost felt the presence of the Lord in the life of His humble servant. Without His blessing, I believe, the circumstance would be completely different. Years ago, I bought the book (Road to Daybreak). Although I like the book as it has many words that deeply touched my heart and helped me greatly in spirit, the copy that I got earlier had a serious defect that really bothered me when I read it. Quite a few pages of this copy were almost unreadable because of the cross-interference caused by the contents of their opposite pages. Nevertheless, I had procrastinated my action to seek the replacement of the copy from the bookstore where I bought the book until the very recent time. In fact, I asked Shirley to do it for me. Although I persuaded her to give it a try, I myself knew the chance to get through the task was very slim: How could it be possible for one to swap a flaw, old copy with a perfect, new one after the grace period had expired for a long time. Therefore, when she brought back a new copy of the book, I really thought this was a miracle. This experience reminds myself the abundant loving kindness of our God: It is never too late to seek for His mercy.