We often have no sense of appreciation about what we possess until we find we can't have it any longer. We are too much pre-occupied with the complaints or negative sides. I just learned a familiar female scientist had passed away. Although she was not a closed person to me, I still felt sorry for her decease, particularly knowing her long battle with her cancer. When I was still soaked in the mood of sadness, one of my colleagues rang my phone and told me his decision of leaving the institute. This colleague is a friend, although not a closed friend of mine. His phone left me in a deep valley of sorrow. I can imagine he will gradually disappear from the scene of this area and not too long, people will forget about him.

From this reflection, I remind myself 'There is always an end of human relationship. Don't take it for granted' As the Chinese put it 人間無不散筵席, generously show your appreciation of others as you may still have chances.