Truth and Illusion


"Hi, Professor Huang. How are you doing?"

"Oh, it's you, Professor Liu. I'm much better now; thanks for your


"You sounded terrible on the phone last week. I was quite concerned when I was told that your throat were about to deform."

"Yes, indeed. I was feeling extremely miserable. People sometimes are driven

crazy by their unpleasant thoughts. We are living in between truth and


" I agree; your saying reminds me the odd experience happened to H.W; do you

still remember that episode?"

"How can I possibly forget it?! It's me to save his life out there at that

moment when he was about to collapse. He said he was quite well until he began

to worry if the yogurt that he just devoured might have far advanced the

expiration date. He began to feel ill as the heartbeats were accelerating. That

night, he was walking to my lab for some business; but because the tremendous

anxiety disabled his physical function and eventually he carried no strength to

move forward even to reach the nearest site for help. I usually did not go back

to my office Tuesday night, nor did ever I take that route to my office; but for

an unknown reason I did it and found the poor soul."

"Wish him well in Hopkins."

"He came to visit me recently when he was back for New Year's vacation. He

sounded he's enjoying the new place and seemed to work very hard. I hope he won't be killed by work."

"Don't worry, his wife will save him as long as she doesn't have baby yet."


"Father! Father! Hurry, you have a phone call."

"Who's calling at this worst timing!?"

I jumped up from my bed and rushed out to reach the phone.


"Hi, Teacher, this is H.W. I'm flying to U.S. tomorrow, wondering if

anything I can do for you."

"No, thanks, H.W.. Have a safe trip and say hi to your wife."

I hanged-up the phone and dropped myself into a nearest sofa , recollecting what

I just dreamed in the nap: Truth or illusion?