Handouts Dr. Wagner (past and present lectures)

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Molecular and Cellular Biology I LS 220400


Advanced Cell Biology Part I (27 MB) LS 524700


Advanced Cell Biology Part II (32 MB) LS 524700


Model Organisms in Life Sciences (C. elegans Anatomy & Genetics) (19 MB) LS 545700


Model Organisms in Life Sciences (C. elegans Neurobiology) (30 MB) LS 545700


Biological Machines, Cell Mechanics and Nanotechnology Part I-III (in: "Introduction to Life Science") LS 110301/2


Atomic Force Microscopy (In: Detection and Analysis of Macromolecules) (12 MB) LSMC544100


Introductory Laboratory of Model Organisms: C. elegans Part I-IV LSIP181200


Engineers Meet Biologists: Cytoarchitecture, Cell crawling and Cell mechanics Part I-V LSMM564300


Introduction to Life Science Research II (Part Wagner-Lab) (upon request) LS 192200


PhD student's paper discussion seminar (1 MB) LS 850005