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Personnel. The faculty of IBT consists of 9 full-time members, including 9 full professors and 1 associate professor. Thy all received Ph.D. degree from U.S.A. IBT faculty are actively engaged in the following research areas: molecular biology, cell biology, biochip technology, molecular toxicology, molecular carcinogenesis, repair mechanism for nuclear acids, brain research, learning and memory, bio-imaging, molecular bio-structure, molecular modeling, drug design, applied microbiology, virology and vaccine, bioengineering, immunology and biotech industrial development and management. Each faculty member leads a laboratory consisting of Ph.D. and M.S. students. Currently, IBT has 36 students in Ph.D. program and 50 students in Master program. Thus, each laboratory trains about 8-9 graduate students.

Research fund. IBT research is mostly funded by National Science Council and partly by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Economy, National Health Research Institute and private sectors. In the last five years, IBT receives about 110 million NTD research fund in total. It is the goal of IBT to increase the proportion of funding support from private biotech industry. In return, we will develop and supply useful intellective technology and patents. Teaching. Graduate program of IBT offers more than 30 basic and applied courses in the field of Biotechnology. We recognize all graduate courses offered by faculty members in other institutes in the College of Life Science. Co-courses such as Advanced Cell Biology, Advanced Molecular Biology, and Advanced Biotechnology etc. offered by groups of faculty specialized in the respective field providing a strong background training for our graduate students. In addition, specialty courses are offered to fulfill special needs of individual students. In the future, we will especially emphasize on laboratory courses to offer students hand on experience of basic experimental skills. This is particularly important for students pursuing carrier in biotech industry.

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