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The Institute of Biotechnology (IBT) covers both basic research and applied technology in biology and medicine. It especially emphasizes interdisciplinary researches and trainings, which include inter-departmental programs with diverse fields such as chemical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, chemistry, physics and industrial management etc. The Institute also encourages close ties with biotechnology industries and our institute to prepare our students for either a professional or academic career. We aim to play a key role in the development of research-based biotech entrepreneurs in Taiwan.

The overall goal of IBT research is to discover novel findings that can be used to generate useful patents for industrial development of novel therapeutically drugs as well as new tools for research and diagnosis. Current investigations are conducted in the areas of molecular toxicology, molecular carcinogenesis, molecular bio-structure, molecular modeling, immunology, and brain circuits. We especially emphasize the development of applied biotechnology including bioimaging, biochip, drug design and development, applied microbiology, bioengineering, and nanobiotechnology. Our long-term goal is to group our multi-displinary efforts TO DEVELOP ONE DRUG AND ONE INSTRUMENT.

The Institute of Biotechnology was launched in year 2002, in order to fill in the immediate need of manpower for biotech-industry development in Taiwan. IBT covers graduate programs for both Master and Ph.D. degrees. Graduate students are encouraged to participate in research and teaching activities as well as industrial collaboration. In addition to graduate courses offered by 9 faculty members in IBT, our teaching program is also supported by more than 40 faculty members in the College of Life Science, providing a strong fundamental training in the field of modern research of life science. Faculty members of IBT are all join appointed by the Department of Life Science and sharing the undergraduate teaching load. The long-term goal of IBT education is TO TRAIN THE FIRST GENERATION OF LEADERS in biotech industry in Taiwan. To meet this challenge, we aim to increase our faculty number from 9 to 18 members and double our grant supports within next five years.

To achieve our research and educational goals, our most urgent need is a new building to accommodate research laboratories, co-facility center, teaching laboratory and teaching classrooms. Currently, our faculty and students are scattered in different buildings. Sufficient and well-designed space is urgently needed for the recruitment of new faculty and excellent graduate students. Additional space for inter-college programs and industrial collaboration programs is also needed. Biotechnology related e-journals are also crucial for our development.

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