High-Throughput Microarray-Based Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay(ELISA)

L.G. Mendoza , P. McQuary , A. Mongan , R. Gangadharan , S. Brignac and M.Eggers

 BioTechniques 27:778-788 (oct 1999)


Abstract :

DNA biochips composed of densely packed probe arrays have revolutionized genetic analysis and discovery by highly multiplexed , miniaturized , molecular assays , that including high-throughput(HT)genotyping , differential gene expression , mutation detection and DNA sequencing . Researchers have refocused their attention on the continuing evolution of ELISA-based formats and have begun to explore miniaturized , highly multiplexed , microarray formats .
    In this study , we demonstrate the feasibility of simultaneously and specifically detecting numerous antigens using a 96-well , microarray-based ELISA . The specificity and sensitivity of this new ELISA format is discussed.

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