The Kuntz Group




We are in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of California, San Francisco. We are best known for DOCK, a program which evaluates the chemical and geometric complementarity between a small molecule and a macromolecular binding site.

The head of our group is Professor Irwin "Tack" Kuntz.

Current Group Members:

  • Alex Aronov
  • Jim Arnold
  • Ken Brameld
  • Patricia Bucher
  • Keith Burdick
  • Ken Foreman
  • Judith Hempel
  • Seth Hopkins
  • Xinshan Kang
  • Takamitsu Kobayashi
  • Michelle Lamb
  • Kajsa Ljungberg
  • Jim Frazine
  • Connie Oshiro
  • Scott Pegg
  • Geoff Skillman
  • David Sullivan
  • Sam Toba
  • Malin Young
  • Xiaoqin Zou

Former Group Members:

Email questions or comments to Jim Frazine.