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Welcome to BioTech! Our goal is to enrich the public's knowledge of biology and chemistry. We aim to serve everyone from high school students to professional researchers. For more information, visit About Biotech

 Our illustrated Dictionary *will give you information on thousands of searchable life science terms, and you can quickly locate BioTech pages and other related sites using the tools on the Search Page*. 

 Introduction to Glycolysis *is an interactive textbook supplement that will help you learn about human biochemistry. Cyberbotanica*, a virtual chapter in medicinal botany, describes the various botanical compounds currently used in cancer treatment and the plants that produce them. 

 In the BioTech Resources section, you will find more staff-written Educational Pages on various biotechnology topics. You'll also find "consumer reports" on a wide variety of Web pages, including annotated links to bioinformatics, employment and funding, scientific resources*, educational sites, journals, and more. 

 We are translating the site into Chinese and Japanese; we plan to include other languages in the future. To get the most out of your BioTech visit, try the Site Tour

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