The fear of the Lord is the beginning of the wisdom.

Proverbs, 1: 7


聖經 箴言 第一章7節

Principal Investigator: Rong Long Pan, Ph.D. & M. Div.

1. Date established: August, 1983.

2. Goals:

This laboratory offers an opportunity for young promising scientists who are curious on the beauty of the nature, would appreciate the science as the state-of-the-art, and would like to start their career as a biologist.

As one of the laboratory on life science at National Tsing Hua University, which was funded on the blood of missionaries and long-suffering country-fellows, it is obligated to promote the advancement of research for the world-wide brotherhood.

3. Mottos of the laboratory:

(1). No data, no degree.
(2). Graduate student has no holidays.

4. Requirements:

(1). All graduate students are required to take Biophysical Chemistry, Structural Biology,
Bioinformatics, Molecular Genetics, Molecular and Cellular Biology. Other basic courses are
recommended as selective: Biophysics, Biological Spectroscopy, Molecular Biology,
Enzymology, Protein Chemistry, Plant Physiology, etc. The general knowledge on chemistry
(especially Physical Chemistry, and Advanced Organic Chemistry), physics and mathematics
is the prerequisite for a promising young scientist.

(2). Any student is obligated to collaborate with his/her colleagues happily and to abide by the
regulations of this laboratory.

(3). A publishable thesis by master student, and at least two published papers with first
authorship by Ph. D. candidate shall be filed before degree is offered.

(4). It is generally recommended that a graduate student spend at least 50 hours per week for
labwork by him/herself.

(5). A broad sense in history and philosophy, especially of science, is highly suggested.

5. Scholarship:

Financial aid is offered, if any. The principal investigator reserves the right to offer, continue,
and terminate the financial support.

6. Authorship:

The products of the research, including publications, patents, and any benefits, belong to
principal investigator, on behalf of this laboratory and National Tsing Hua University.

The principal investigator reserves the right to determine the rank of the authorship in the

Colleagues may share the authorship awording to the regulation of this university.

7. Miscellaneousness:

Any regulation above is subjected to change when necessary.


[ First amendment on 8/28/1991 ; Update: 3/6/2010 ]