Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology & Department of Life Sciences


Dr. Oliver Wagner, Professor


  • Undergrad Core Course "Molecular and Cellular Biology I" LS 220400
  • Graduate Core Course "Advanced Cell Biology": Cytoskeleton Part I and II LS 524700
  • Model Organisms in Life Sciences (C. elegans Anatomy, Genetics and Neurobiology) LS 545700
  • Atomic Force Microscopy (in: "Detection and Analysis of Macromolecules") LSMC544100
  • Biological Machines, Cell Mechanics and Nanotechnology (in: "Introduction to Life Science") LS 110301 & LS 110302
  • Introductory Laboratory of Model Organisms: C. elegans LSIP181200
  • Engineers Meet Biologists: Cytoarchitecture, Cell crawling and Cell mechanics LSMM564300
  • Seminar LS 850003 & LS 850005
  • Special Topics on Molecular Motors and Axonal Transport I&II LSMC510700 & LSMC510800
  • Life Science Research Introduction II LS192200
  • Colloquium LSMC790400

Summer classes

  • "C. elegans Neurobiology" at the C. elegans Summer Course of the Department of Life Science, Chang Gung University, Taoyuan
  • "Cytoskeleton Mechanics" at the Summer Camp of the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Environmental Sciences, NTHU