Papers published by Lo's lab


  1. Huang-Yu Yao, Hsuan-Pei Huang, Yu-Chi Huang and Chung-Chuan Lo (2019). Flyintel - a Platform for Robot Navigation based on a Brain-Inspired Spiking Neural Network. 2019 IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Circuits and Systems (AICAS) p.219-220 (Conference proceeding) [PDF]

  2. Yu-Chi Huang, Cheng-Te Wang, Ta-Shun Su, Kuo-Wei Kao, Yen-Jen Lin, Chao-Chun Chuang, Ann-Shyn Chiang and Chung-Chuan Lo* (2019). A Single-Cell Level and Connectome-Derived Computational Model of the Drosophila Brain. Frontiers in Neuroinformatics 12:99 [Link] [PDF]


  3. Ta-Shun Su, Wan-Ju Lee, Yu-Chi Huang, Cheng-Te Wang and Chung-Chuan Lo* (2017). Coupled symmetric and asymmetric circuits underlying spatial orientation in fruit flies. Nature Communications 8:139. [Link] [PDF]

  4. Po-Yen Chang, Ta-Shun Su, Chi-Tin Shih* and Chung-Chuan Lo* (2017). The Topographical Mapping in Drosophila Central Complex Network and its Signal Routing. Frontiers in Neuroinformatics 11:26. [Link]


  5. Chung-Chuan Lo* and Ann-Shyn Chiang* (2016). Toward Whole-Body Connectomics Journal of Neuroscience 36:45. [Link]

  6. Cheng-Wei Li, Chung-Chuan Lo and Bor-Sen Chen* (2016). Estimating Sensorimotor Mapping From Stimuli to Behaviors to Infer C. Elegans Movements by Neural Transmission Ability Through Connectome Databases. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems 27:11. [Link]

  7. Chung-Chuan Lo* and Xiao-Jing Wang* (2016). Conflict Resolution as Near-Threshold Decision-Making: A Spiking Neural Circuit Model with Two-Stage Competition for Antisaccadic Task. PLOS Computational Biology 12:8. [Link][PDF]


  8. Cheng-Wei Li, Chung-Chuan Lo and Bor-Sen Chen* (2015). Robust Sensorimotor Control of Human Arm Model under State-Dependent Noises, Control-Dependent Noises and Additive Noises. Neurocomputing 167: 61–75. [Link]

  9. Chung-Chuan Lo#, Cheng-Te Wang and Xiao-Jing Wang*#(2015).(#: equal contribution) Speed-accuracy tradeoff by a control signal with balanced excitation and inhibition. Journal of Neurophysiology 114: 650–661. [Link] [PDF]

  10. Chi-Tin Shih*, Olaf Sporns, Shou-Li Yuan, Ta-Shun Su, Yen-Jen Lin, Chao-Chun Chuang, Ting-Yuan Wang, Chung-Chuang Lo, Ralph J. Greenspan and Ann-Shyn Chiang* (2015). Connectomics-Based Analysis of Information Flow in the Drosophila Brain. Current Biology 25:1-10. [Link] [PDF]


  11. Yen-Nan Lin, Po-Yen Chang, Pao-Yueh Hsiao and Chung-Chuan Lo* (2014). Polarity-specific high-level information propagation in neural networks. Frontiers in Neuroinformatics 8:27. [PDF]

  12. Yi-Hsuan Lee, Yen-Nan Lin, Chao-Chun Chuang and Chung-Chuan Lo* (2014). SPIN: A Method of Skeleton-based Polarity Identification for Neurons. Neurinformatics 12:487-507. [Link]


  13. Pao-Yueh Hsiao and Chung-Chuan Lo* (2013). A Plastic Cortico-Striatal Circuit Model of Adaptation in Perceptual Decision. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience 7:178. [PDF]

  14. Cheng-Te Wang, Chung-Ting Lee, Xiao-Jing Wang and Chung-Chuan Lo* (2013). Top-Down Modulation on Perceptual Decision with Balanced Inhibition through Feedforward and Feedback Inhibitory Neurons. PLoS ONE 8:4. [PDF]

  15. Chung-Chuan Lo, Ronny P. Bartsch and Plamen Ch. Ivanov* (2013). Asymmetry and basic pathways in sleep-stage transitions. Europhysics Letters 102:10008. [PDF]


  16. Ying-Zu Huang, Chin-Song Lu, John C. Rothwell, Chung-Chuan Lo, Wen-Li Chuang, Yi-Hsin Weng, Szu-Chia Lai and Rou-Shayn Chen* (2012). Modulation of the Disturbed Motor Network in Dystonia by Multisession Suppression of Premotor Cortex. PLoS ONE 7:10. [PDF]

Publications by Lo in previous labs

Research papers

  1. Chung-Chuan Lo, Leanne Boucher, Martin Pare, Jeffery D. Schall and Xiao-Jing Wang* (2009). Proactive inhibitory control and attractor dynamics in countermanding action: a spiking neural circuit model. The Journal of Neuroscience 29:9059-9071. [PDF]

  2. Chung-Chuan Lo and Xiao-Jing Wang* (2006). Cortico-basal ganglia circuit mechanism for a decision threshold in reaction time tasks, Nature Neuroscience 9:957-963. [PDF] [Supp.]

  3. Chung-Chuan Lo, Thomas Chou, Thomas Penzel, Thomas E. Scammell, Robert E. Strecker, H. Eugene Stanley, and Plamen Ch. Ivanov* (2004). Common scale-invariant pattern of sleep-wake transitions across mammalian species. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 50:17545-17548. [PDF]

  4. Thomas Penzel, Jan W. Kantelhardt, Chung-Chuan Lo, Karlheinz Voigt and Claus Vogelmeier* (2003). Dynamics of Heart Rate and Sleep Stages in Normals and Patients with Sleep Apnea. Neuropsychopharmacology 28:S48-S53.

  5. Chung-Chuan Lo, L. A. Nunes Amaral, S. Havlin, P. Ch. Ivanov, T. Penzel, J.-H. Peter and H. E. Stanley* (2002). Dynamics of sleep-wake transitions during sleep. Europhysics Letters 57:625-631. [PDF]

  6. P. Ch. Ivanov and Chung-Chuan Lo* (2002). Stochastic Approaches to Modeling of Physiological Rhythms, in Modeling Biomedical signals, edit. G. Nardulli & S. Stramaglia. World Scientific.

  7. Chung-Chuan Lo, Jui-Hung Hsu, You-Cheng Sheu, Chein-Min Chiang, Wen-Guey Wu, Wun-Shain Fann and Pei-Hsi Tsao* (1998). Effect of D57N mutation on membrane activity and molecular unfolding of cobra cardiotoxin. Biophysical Journal 75:2382-2388 .

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